Saturday, 23 June 2012

How do I download the new Scandinavia album?

Scandinavia 2012, by Mark McCafferty
Hopefully those of you who came to the Scandinavia Summer Ball 2012 last weekend are enjoying our new record, The Gods, courtesy of the download code you were given at the door.

FYI, 'I Don't Do Drugs (I Just Have Fun)' is probably the most popular song so far, and 'San Pellegrino (reprise)' the least popular according to the number of listens they've had.

How to download the album

We've had a few people email us and ask how to redeem the download codes - so here's how.

1) Go to www.scandinavia.bandcamp.com

2) Scroll down the page about halfway, and on right-hand side of the page there is some text that says 'Redeem download codes here':

3) Click 'here', which will take you to this page:

Input the code exactly as written on the card (including the hyphen). It should start downloading.

If, once you've typed in the code, it says 'invalid code', send us an email (scandinaviaband@gmail.com), quoting your interpretation of the code. It's probably Warrick's handwriting that's confusing you. We'll then email you the correct version of the code.

Happy listening!

Listen to 'The Gods' by Scandinavia here.

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