Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Scandinavia shows in October and November

A typical Scandinavian crowd
It looks as though we're going to be playing a couple more shows this year, to double the number we played in 2011.

The first is on Saturday 6 October at Cargo, in Shoreditch. We're on from 8-8:30pm, which then leaves us the rest of the night to argue amongst ourselves and hang out with anyone else we know. Cargo is massive, and we've been told by the promoter that there'll be hell to pay if we don't get friends to turn up. So, if you're free that night and fancy a bit of live music, please come down. We'll send out a facebook invite soon.

Cargo is very popular

The second is likely to be on Saturday 17 November at the Banksy Cafe, on Essex Road, which is a ten minute walk from Angel tube station. It's an acoustic show, disguised as a joint birthday party for Tom and I. The Banksy Cafe is so-called because there's a real Banksy (ironically, semi-ruined by graffiti now) on the wall outside. Inside, the decor is great, it's super laid back, they serve booze and stay open until around 1am. They also have a working upright piano, hence the acoustic show. Once again, we'll send out a facebook invite soon.

Banksy Cafe, Essex Road

Finally, please check out Mark McCafferty's photos from the Scandinavia Summer Ball 2012 here. These glamorous shots of men in Moroccan shirts should make you want to attend one of these upcoming shows, especially if you missed the Summer Ball. Hopefully see you at one or both of these shows!


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