Sunday, 20 January 2013

Scandinavia music videos and album #3

There are few ways of connecting the sense of giddy freedom inspired by scenes of wild horses running free on the beach, Italian models cavorting on a yacht, free diving into waterfalls, seafood, dolphins, parrots, planes and Greenwich Observatory, but Scandinavia have managed to do so in the course of two quick n dirty, cut n paste music videos.

The first, by Nadim Samman, makes hay with a series of glossy advertising clips to emboss the title track from our debut record 'Good Living' with a sense of refinement, purpose and hedonistic entitlement. Part pastiche, part mission statement, it's a vivid insight into the mind of Scandinavia's maddening and remarkable frontman.


The second, by Ted Byron-Baybutt, juxtaposes the peace and quiet of nature with the silent majesty of aeroplanes in flight, spliced between outtakes of film cut in the pastoral idyll of Scandinavia's week-long sojourn to the Granary Studios in Kent to record 'The Gods'. Ted uses a raw, unfinished version of the track 'The Queen Entranced By Ancient Prayer Book' to temper the serenity with a healthy dose of grit.

Finally, we've started demoing for our as-yet-untitled album number 3. We have a handful of songs, whose titles include:

I Like Dumb Tunes
HMV Is Dead!
What Can You Give A Girl Who's Got It All?

This video, which unveils the code of life, tells you all you need to know about the enigma that currently is Scandinavia's album #3.


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