Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nadim quits Scandinavia

Nadim has repeatedly quit Scandinavia over the past two days, due to his frustrations at not being able to get on the mike and just 'rock the fuck out'. Tom has made repeated conciliatory gestures, asking Nadim for his opinion about piano parts, organ overdubs and various other instrumental flourishes, to no avail.

Nadim currently has his head buried in facebook, occasionally looking up to give me a furious, suspicious look. I suspect he may try to murder me in my sleep tonight, so I've hastily booked a B&B as a safety precaution.

Meanwhile, Tibor tidies up his drums, Tim reads the Guardian and Ted, who has caught much of the drama on film, looks like a slightly unhinged young inventor in his Holden Caulfield hat, wonky specs and blue knit jumper.

The final straw came when Guy enthused 'it's sounding like Elton John', at which Nadim leaned forward and screamed at the mixing desk 'it's not supposed to sound like fucking Elton John, it's a house song!'

We are hoping to persuade him to rejoin after a few beers at the BBQ tonight. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the bunker.

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