Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Scandinavia album

On Thursday we're decamping to a barn in Kent to record eleven new Scandinavia songs, almost a year to the day since we recorded 'Good Living'.

We've spent the past year travelling around the globe, listening to talented world musicians, trying to find some inspiration. Nadim went to Morocco for an art show. Tom went to Turkey and got a job. Tibor went to his native Hungary and bought some percussion. I went to Croatia and discovered my inner European.

Yep, we're going Ry Cooder with this one; whether it works or not is another thing altogether - indeed, it's all part of the fun.

Album launch - save the date!

We're putting on a show at the Wilmington Arms on Saturday 16 June. It'll be similar to last year - Scandinavian aperitifs and hors d'oeuvres, and a copy of the album via download. We'll post more details about that soon.


That's the proposed front cover above. Nadim is working on a watercolour that might prove a last minute challenger. I'd like to get this cow picture in there somewhere. If you've seen any choice photos we could steal from instagram or pinterest, send them through.

Album title

The jury's still out on this one. We briefly considered Chandler Bing, but everyone we told about that recoiled in horror, so we've scrapped it (although we're hoping to write a tribute to our favourite Friend in the near future). 'The Gods' is the current frontrunner.


In no particular order the song titles are:

  1. Croatian t-shirts
  2. What can you give a girl who's got it all?
  3. Trending
  4. I don't do drugs (I just have fun)
  5. Shed a few layers
  6. San Pelligrino
  7. San Pelligrino (reprise)
  8. Bodies
  9. Fractions
  10. The Queen entranced by ancient prayer book
  11. How we use our brand
  12. Popular little street

Finally, Scandinavia is an enlightened democracy - what do you think of the artwork, album titles, song titles etc??

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  1. Chandler Bing seems pleasingly incongruous... although obviously Ross Geller was the preeminent Friend. Otherwise, mark me down as another person looking forward to the new album... Always a fan!