Sunday, 29 April 2012

QWicked! Scandinavia unveil new web phenomenon

Scandinavia announced their first foray into social networking today, with their Qwicked site set to go live in early September.

'Obvious choice'

'We wanted to create a streamlined solution for today's world', Warrick enthuses. 'People have been frustrated for a while now by twitter's verbosity. There just isn't time to read tweets, let alone write them, so Qwicked's one-word posting system is truly emancipatory.' Qwicked users will be given 12 characters to play with per 'Qwix' update, though there are no limits to the number of updates permitted in a 24-hour period.

'Streamlined solution'

'It's very lean', said Tom thoughtfully. 'You can say a hell of a lot with a single word - we're removing that temptation to use unnecessary bumph.'

'Removing unnecessary bumph'

Commenting on the cheekily iconic appropriation of the logo from the musical 'Wicked', Chief Brand Architect Tibor claims it was an obvious choice. 'The Wizard of Oz is a classic tale, a simple allegory with a moral depth and emotional resonance that just wows you. Winnie Holzman took all of that and just went...' He pauses, letting the weight of the unspoken word sink in. 'The letter Q is so unique, and adding it to the front of 'Wicked' was a no-brainer for me'. With typical modesty, the former drummer blushes and quietly chuckles that 'Coming up with the term 'Qwicked' got me my promotion'.


The band say they have most of the functionality pegged, and a number of high profile celebrities including Scarlett Johannson, Kanye West and hipster grandee Tim Burgess of The Charlatans are currently taking part in a trial run. 'It's so easy to Qwix!' enthused Burgess on Saturday. 'Twitter is toast. It was a real bind having to think up 140 characters every time I needed some attention. With Qwicked I don't even have to think up any! I've got through the first week using only the drop-down menu. I'd go as far as to say I'm a natural Qwixter.'

Channelling Spector - Burgess

'What I'm really excited about is the AutoQwixt app' said West, referring to the predictive algorithm that will update a user's page every two hours based on aggregate Qwixes from the previous month. 'My life is basically about parties, so to that extent it's fairly patterned. It's great to have a solution that can take the responsibility of communicating with my fans from my shoulders. I'm behind this site 100% and I think the guys from The Scandinavia (sic) have done really well.'

AutoQwixt works

Charismatic Scandinavia frontman Nadim Samman has also been testing the waters, Qwixing five times a day. 'It gets straight to the heart of the matter. For example, yesterday morning I was eating Breakfast and it took me all of three seconds to post 'Breakfast' to my Qwicked profile. 'Who cares what I was eating? Fandinavians want the essentials'. Asked whether exploring entrepreneurial avenues was a distraction from music-making, Samman was expansive. 'I know people see me as a singer, but I look at it differently. I'm CEO of a burgeoning multinational. We need to diversify with the times and remain at the heart of efforts to make sense of the world we live in.'

Breakfast for Samman
'Quiet while I Qwix'

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