Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cool Kids @ the Good Ship, Kilburn

Once upon a time, there was a dark Celtic track that joined the settlements of Canterbury and St Albans. Later, that dark Celtic track became a paved Roman road, and was given the name Watling Street. Augustinian nuns named the community they inherited Kilburn, and it became fashionable to take tea and medicinal waters in the area as London gradually urbanised.

Now, down the Kilburn High Street, amongst the Irish pubs and Somali bazaars, not far from the red brick Kilburn Park Tube, lies the Good Ship. It's owned by this guy here, who told Tom off by email, warning him that he was in danger of letting the 'entire night' down if he didn't respond.

John McCooke, who told Tom off
What night? Friday 5 August of course, when Scandinavia are joining three other bands on stage to rock the fukk out and make the cool kids @ the Good Ship pee their pants with excitement. Are you cool enough to pee your pants in public and not give a total fukk?  
Cool Kids @ The Good Ship

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