Thursday, 7 July 2011

NOTW and NKOTB to form media conglomerate

Whenever I see the acronym NOTW I think of when New Kids on the Block became NKOTB in a bid to be taken more seriously. So, the astonishing news that NTOW will be no more reminded me of the trauma I experienced when NKOTB finally called it a day.

I'm also struck by how compatible the two are - NOTW and NKOTB is the best merger never considered. Think about it:

both have the best interests of children at heart

the Page 3 girl should really be the Cover Girl

NKOTB could teach NOTW a few things about Hangin' Tough when the going gets that way

NKOTB would be unbelievably good if they made Mick Hucknall their frontman

There would be some difficult changes along the way, but both companies have got The Right Stuff and if they just take it Step-by-Step I'm sure this would be the greatest media conglomerate of all time.


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  2. I think you've missed a trick here. I think the obvious third corner of this love triangle was always going to be NWA xx