Sunday, 3 July 2011

'Le Tenniz de Jean McEnroe est superbe'

Like Lars Ulrich, McEnroe must've been born Scandinavian but became Americanised when is parents moved him over the pond so he could get good at tennis.

You cannot vote this unScandinavian because it is, absolutely, the essence of Scandinavia:

They should definitely make a movie about him and get John C Reilly to play McEnroe - he would get an Oscar for it. Will Ferrell could play a series of different umpires.


  1. I'm voting him unscandinavia because he has no class

  2. Don't be so facetious Nadim - McEnroe is totally Scandinavian. Speaking of which, we should set up a linked in profile for Tony (as in stylish) Scandinavia, to complete our social media assault.