Monday, 11 July 2011

A Tale of Two Festivals: Life’s rich pageant.

A Tale of Two Festivals: Life’s rich pageant.

Roger Scruton, cultural restorationist and stalwart of the new right (pictured) appeared at the Ideas of Nature and Countryside Festival in Malmesbury, Wiltshire at the weekend.  Central to Scruton’s ideal of the British countryside are its grand buildings like Knebworth House, whose balanced architecture ‘liberates us from the tyranny of the useful’, ‘satisfies our need for harmony’ and ‘reminds us of our spiritual and moral needs’.  

Music, he believes, has a similar function to architecture:

 ‘Music soothes, cheers, pacifies; it speaks of another order of being....It is this very
order that is threatened by the monsters of popular culture’.

This is for you, Rog-  a look at what happened in the grounds of Knebworth at the weekend!

Seriously though. Whether we align ourselves with Scruton or with Slayer, we can surely all share in lamenting the continued existence of Limp Bizkit, who played to a crowd of 80,000 at Sonisphere last night.

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